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Why So Many Questions???

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

So, you wanna hire an organizer?

Step one, call NEAT Jax and chat up Maureen! She is Chief Organizer in Charge and has the hardest job of organizing US, Melanie and Olivia, and our time. She will help you decide whether you need one of us or if your project requires the team. Personally, I say hire The Team – we are hilarious AND amazing ☺

Step two, we are going to reach out to you and introduce ourselves! We LOVE meeting our new peeps and are always super fantastically excited to get started on your project – even if you’re not. And trust me, we understand that a lot of people are NOT excited because they are anxious or worried or embarrassed or whatever (I’ll cover that in another blog!). The reason for this initial convo is to give you space to ask your own questions but also for us to get to know YOU. We are going to ask you about the project, your family, your home, your style, your inspiration ideas, your goals for the space, your budget for supplies beyond the hourly cost of labor, and to send us pictures.

I imagine many folks might think at this point, “Why are these PROFESSIONAL organizers asking ME so many questions?”. Here’s the thing – in order for us to best serve YOU, we need to KNOW you. We need to understand how your life works, how you live, and what your aesthetic is in terms of décor. We need to know if you already have specific thoughts in mind because we need to determine if they are attainable or if we need to work with you on a new and more achievable goal.

We also like to know if you’ve already purchased organizing supplies that you want us to use and/or if you prefer that we do the shopping - that’s where the budget question comes in! And it’s OK to ask us how much things generally cost; we don’t expect you to know. There are big price differences in plastic, clear acrylic, baskets, wood, and textile/fabric organizing bins. Don’t be afraid to talk money – budgets are VERY important and we WILL respect them!

The best thing you can do once you decide to hire us is communicate! Let your personality shine through and show us ALL the pictures – real and inspired!! We are here to make your life and your home places of peace and calm – and if we gotta become besties for a hot minute to make that happen, well…new friends are NEAT ☺


Melanie Crass


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