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It's Not Always About Pinterest

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Our little team here at NEAT Jax loves a good “makeover” with all the terribly

awful before photos and the fancy schmancy after shots. We love making things

NEAT and beautiful and putting cute little labels on everything.

We love when a

client shares Pinterest inspo pictures and we can create a gorgeous aesthetic by

using various bins and such to create depth and texture. We really love when

clients give us creative control.

BUT…the thing I’ve come to love the most is the clients who have little to no

budget for supplies, tight time constraints (due to budget), and finally reach the point of asking for help. When someone who is truly in need asks for help, we always are sure to tell them from the beginning how proud we are of them – it’s a hard thing to do. I know many of you can look around at your own chaos and not

even imagine inviting someone in to see it. But we want to see it and we want to


Sure, we are a luxury service and it’s not cheap to have us come in and do our

thing. It’s a big commitment on your end – we understand that. We have been so

pleased with a few recent clients who have looked around their homes and

decided it was time to finally do something and called us. They couldn’t really

afford it and they felt totally overwhelmed but they set a goal and let us achieve it

for them and with them.

One client in particular felt a need in her whole home but decided to focus her

budget on clothes. She hired our team for a short amount of time and the only

thing we were to worry about was her clothes and getting her closet mostly

organized. There wasn’t a budget for supplies (bins, baskets, storage containers)

and we worked with that – sometimes it’s just about getting things off the floor

and folded or hung up. She was so happy with what we were able to do – we

really wanted to do more but I believe she was inspired to keep going on her own.

Sometimes it’s budget constraints, sometimes it’s mental health worries,

sometimes it’s just not even knowing where or how to start. But it’s never about

beautiful before and after pictures – it’s not about making your life look like a

Pinterest board. NEAT Jax is about helping you gain a little control, find some

peace, and just live your life with a little less stress.

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