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NEAT Jax is an extra set of hands for anyone who needs help getting a project started and finished! We are a judgment-free zone and a passionate bunch ready to help you live your best life. Our job is to leave your space better than we found it and for you to feel a little less stressed at the end of the day! 

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Note from our Founder:

Note from founder

I started NEAT Jax in September of 2016 after 15+ years in retail. Merchandising my own life has always come naturally, so I figured why not help others tidy up their own? 

It was a friend and mentor of mine that jokingly mentioned that there was a demand for professional organizers; that I could do what I loved while making a living... so I started an Instagram right away displaying my work and haven't looked back since! 

I have always been tidy and organized and when opportunity struck, I felt ready to be my own boss! Now, I make my way into strangers' houses and help them throw their stuff away, establish lasting systems for families to run more efficiently, and are a beacon of clarity for people in their messy worlds. 

I thrive on being helpful and genuinely feel that "...helping others is the feeling of being human." 







With a degree in fashion merchandising and the desire to help others live their best life, Maureen Porcelli founded NEAT JAX in 2016. Now a full-service, professional organizing group Maureen's passion for organizing has changed the lives of countless happy clients in the Jacksonville, FL area. 

Maureen is a lover of plants, spends her free time with pup Pepper and hubby Brian Bush. They just welcomed their first baby in the fall of '21!

Olivia .JPG


Professional Organizer

“How lucky am I that I get to be part of this amazing team doing what I love?!"

Olivia Edwards graduated with a degree in Art history, with a minor in photography. She loves details and maintainable organizing! It brings her so much joy to see the weight lifted off the client's shoulders after a space is organized. Everything needs a home, and to be easily accessible. This is especially true in Olivia's own house with her two young boys!

On the weekends, you’ll find Olivia with her husband, Jon of 10 years, their 2 boys and 2 dogs either doing house projects, hanging with family and friends, or on a weekend getaway! 

Olivia loves all furry friends in any house; you will most likely find Olivia trying to make them her best friend. 


Melanie Crass

Professional Organizer

"I live for efficient spaces and right angles. I’m a sucker for good design and The Container Store is my Mecca!"


A little bit about Melanie: She's a military brat born to a Marine mom and learned early about keeping things tidy and the art of understanding that “everything has a place”. Crass is also a licensed REALTOR and is excellent at helping people get their homes ready to list :)

Melanie is an expert mover/packer/unpacker because FUN FACT, she went to 18 different schools! So she knows how to get it done!

Melanie has lived in Jax since 2003. She currently resides in Riverside with hubs Jeff, daughter Kayla, doggo Gracie Girl.

Note from Melanie: "I'm a tried and true Virgo, and my personal motto is “do it right, not twice”. Also, be nice 💜 "

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