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Holiday Organizing

Hi guys, Olivia here!

We are so close to saying goodbye to summer! Maybe? Hopefully? I’m sure 99% of us are counting down to any type of cooler weather. This summer has felt like the pits of hell, so I’m pretending that this means that we will be rewarded with the most amazing fall weather.

I, for one, have never been more excited about looking forward to decorating for Halloween. My husband and I have already started brainstorming ideas for decor. Sure, it may still be two months away, but we can dream right? With school starting, and the start of the holiday season, these times will come very quickly and I want to share some easy, quick tips to decluttering, organizing, and keeping the stress away. Lets get started!

First, the initial assessment. It's me, hi, I’m the problem, it's me! Every year, all the stores start displaying new holiday decor stupid early, which in turn, makes you excited to buy shit. Over time, this builds up and you're wondering why you have so much holiday stuff! When it's time to bring out all the holiday decorations, I would advise doing an initial assessment and purge. Discard anything that is faded, broken, or doesn't fit your home aesthetic any longer. Determine if any core decorations need to be replaced ( lights, wreaths, etc).

After the celebrated holiday has passed, this is when you should do a final assessment. Anything that was not used, consider donating or selling those items. Schools and community centers are great places to donate and help bring joy to those around you.

Now that you have done all the purging, it's time to repurpose bins, or purchase new ones to help stay organized. There are a variety of bins to choose from, it really just comes down to preference. Some people prefer clear, while others want black bins with holiday color coordinating lids. You do you!

Group and categorize your items in a way that makes the most sense to you and how you decorate. You can never fail with standard categories.

Finally, once your bins are sorted, LABEL! Remember, labeling is your best friend in any organizing project. I recommend labeling everything that is inside of the bin. This will be very helpful when looking for something specific. For example, you may have multiple bins labeled “Outdoor Halloween”, but you may be searching for outdoor Halloween lights or skeletons. This will save you time and frustration.

Have a happy Holiday season! Taking these small steps while you have supplies out will take the stress out of a project and allow for a speedier decorating process and more time for fun! Stay cool, friends!

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