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Amanda, Ortega

We used Neat Jax to organize before moving. They were wonderful! Setting up the appointment was easy. The team that arrived was warm yet professional, and helped sort through our medley of seasonal decorations, kid stuff and sentimental items. I also really appreciated they helped remove items we no longer needed. My husband said we should have hired them years ago!

Brittnay, Rivertown

I hired NEAT Jax to help us get ready for the new addition to our family. From the initial communication, until the job was done, everyone was professional, polite, and a joy to work with. I highly recommend

Lynn, Orange Park

Melanie and Olivia were so awesome getting me started on organizing my house. They were so helpful, and gently guided me where I needed to go. Many years of collecting and I now feel free to let things go thanks to their amazing help. These two ladies are workhorses and kept me on task. My kitchen and dining room looks amazing now!! Highly recommend NEATJAX and this amazing team💕. Check out my before and after pics

Jordan, Arlington

I am 9.5 months pregnant with a 16 month old son. I desperately needed help completing organizational tasks before my newest little joins our family and Neat Jax went way above and beyond in helping me! My entire kitchen has been reorganized 🙌 and my sanity has been restored. If you’re an expecting mom, take care of yourself by hiring Neat Jax!!! If you know an expecting momma, gift her with Neat Jax’s services!!

Katie, Avondale

The ladies of NeatJax were amazing! Arrived on time, worked efficiently, non intrusive, friendly and warm, booked pick up for donations, and did a killer job on my garage. Everything I was hoping for and more!

Paula, Ortega

I had the pleasure of working with Melanie from NEAT JAX, and I couldn't be happier with the results! From booking with Maureen to my interactions with Melanie, the whole experience was seamless. Melanie's organizing skills are truly remarkable. She transformed our chaotic cabinets and cluttered rooms into beautifully organized spaces. Her attention to detail is outstanding, and she has a fantastic sense of how to maximize storage and functionality.

If you're looking for a company to bring order and harmony to your home, I wholeheartedly recommend Neat Jax. Their passion for organizing shines through in their work, and the results are simply amazing. Thank you, NEAT JAX, for transforming our space!

Janet, Argyle

Melanie was truly AMAZING!!!!! She was supportive, encouraging, and helped my fiancé and I to get rid of a lot of stuff and pack what we wanted to keep as we prepare to move to another state and combine households! Highly recommend investing in the support from NEAT JAX!

Anita, San Marco

THANK YOU to NEATJAX and your team for my beautiful closet(s) refresh! Melanie and Olivia were an absolute “dream team” to work with! I will definitely be reaching out again! ❤️


Melanie, Bartram

NEAT Jax was wonderful. Great communication and helped me with my garage which was a total disaster. I can almost park my car in there again. So thankful I found them. Would highly recommend


Kendall, Jacksonville

NEAT Jax did a FANTASTICAL job! The girls were able to get 3 closets organized after our mother downsized from a 3000sq ft home to an 1800 sq ft condo. She had nearly 25 years worth of belongings that we sorted and purged roughly 3x before the move but we couldn’t get her to downsize any less. After she had been at her new home for over a year we realized she needed help. The unbiased, 3rd party “professionals” is EXACTLY what she needed. They grandkiddos room is perfect for play and sleepovers. Her hall closet has everything accessible and organized. And the guest room now has a beautiful tribute to our grandparents the girls put up and all her holiday and memory/photo boxes are neatly stowed. Thank you NEAT Jax ladies for helping our momma get settled and organized. She finally feels at home!

Ian, Jacksonville

Over 2 years ago we moved into a house after traveling in an RV full time for a few years. We had to move in in a hurry and always felt the house didn’t work well because of the layout. After two days and a few bucks worth of organizers we now have a home that works well and everything has its place. Almost feels empty now that it has been decluttered and organized! Wish we had had them come here sooner! Would have taken me forever to do what they did in just two days! Worth every penny. Thanks again Melanie and Olivia!

Justin, Jacksonville

Maureen and her team are just amazing. Every job they’ve done for us has come out exactly as we wanted and with less stress in our daily lives.


Penny, Jacksonville

Melanie and Olivia performed a miracle on our garage. They were so timely, efficient, and respectful and saved us at least a few days worth of time. We cannot thank NEAT Jax enough for all you have done for us!!!

Kelly, Jacksonville

You need to hire them! It’s been 8 months (this review is loooong overdue) and the way Olivia organized my pantry and cabinets has transformed the flow in our kitchen beyond what I expected. I love organization and thought I was pretty good at it until I saw what Olivia was able to do- everything has a place and it was so smartly executed that our whole family (including my 4 year old) has been able to keep it organized, even months later. It’s amazing what NeatJax can do! So so grateful!


Meri, Jacksonville

We are only half way through the project but WOW!!!! I needed help going through years of craft and sewing supplies, moving those supplies into my new craft room and organizing it. They helped me fill three trash cans, 7 trash bags, a filing cabinet and a recycling bin. I have lots of donations. No judgement, just encouragement. Could I have done it myself? Sure, BUT would I have done it. It’s a project I’ve been “working” on for two years and I had maybe filled one trash bag up. These ladies are a blessing.

Suzette, Jacksonville

Thank you NEAT Jax for helping me get all my Christmas decorations up this year. I couldn’t seem to find the time to get it done myself. Such a big help. Loved working with Olivia and Melanie!

Victoria, Jacksonville

Ok. This is the greatest team of people. Professional and personal. I used their holiday decorating service although they are widely known for interior organizing. My house looks AMAZING! I will be the hit of the neighborhood. Look no further, inside or out NEAT Jax gets the job done. They are fantastic!!


Elizabeth, Baymeadows

I've been wanting to bring in Neat Jax for a while and I'm so glad I finally did. My fiancé and I recently combined households and the stuff was so overwhelming in our small space. Neat Jax had great and quick communication from the beginning. My organizer Olivia reached out in advance with tips of storage options and ideas which was very helpful. The job was done efficiently and quickly and was just what we needed to ease our minds about the mess. I look forward to bringing them back for our furtive organizing needs.

Courtney, Baymeadows 

Having NEATJax come and help me declutter my apartment was the best decision I’ve ever made. Olivia and Melanie worked absolute magic on my space and I could not be happier with how it turned out! Thanks to them I finally have my space back. I will definitely be using them again anytime I need help decluttering and organizing a space.


Tonya, Deerwood 

Professional, friendly and I plan to use them again for another project. I had them help me organize my closet and they hauled everything away to be donated! Helped me immensely!


Dabni, Jacksonville Beach

Melanie was wonderful and my kitchen and laundry room have never looked better!


Gwynne, Springfield

We recently brought in NEAT Jax for the second time to help us with much needed organizational help. Our first project, last year, was at my business- Maureen took a multi-functional storage/laundry/break room that was falling apart at the seams and transformed it (so quickly!!!) into a well functioning space. Last week, the incredible Olivia tackled our pantry. I cannot speak highly enough about the entire process-start to finish! I was blown away by her care, professionalism, non-judgement (omg you should have seen the pantry... id share but EW, way to embarrassing!!!). From the booking, to the pre-appointment consult, to the selection of baskets and accessories, to the BREATHTAKING final product... WOW! The organization systems they put in place have left us so refreshed! Best of all, we feel fully equipped and empowered to keep it so! Thank you, NEAT Jax!


Franzi, Ponte Vedra

Thank you Neat Jax team so much for doing your magic and helping us organizing our garage. From a messy, cluttered garage with kid toys, tools and lots of Christmas decor to a clean and enjoyable organized room. From the start to the finished result, it was a pleasure working with Melanie and Olivia. They are the nicest ladies, very sufficient and professional. We now will be able to park cars in the garage and manage to easily maintain it. THANK YOU!


Sophia, Arlington

OKAY NOW!!! I have been wanting to de-clutter my home for a couple of years now. Sitting home on medical leave will cause you to see things from a fresher perspective lol. NEAT Jax was the first organizing service I came across and I'm soo glad and grateful that I did. Maureen is extremely detailed and knowledgeable on ways to combine or discard certain items. She's incredibly professional and at the same time really nice. I was blown way at the transformation she did on the areas of my home. I highly...HIGHLY recommend Maureen & NEAT Jax as your professional go-to organizing service.

Annie, Ponte Vedra

I had no idea where to start on my aunt and uncles garage and I had limited time to clear it out before the house went on the market. I am SO grateful NEATJax was able to help. They did such amazing work, from organizing, dealing with the nosey neighbors, keeping me calm and focused on my own work, and organizing donation pick up and dumpster! I highly recommend them! Olivia and Melanie were amazing! You need these ladies in your life!

Laurie, Deerwood

Neat Jax was amazing. Maureen was helpful , efficient and full of perfect solutions. If you need to get organized this service will absolutely help you.


Michelle, St. Augustine

NEATJax does it again cleans and organizes a storage closet so walkable and functional! Thank you!


Erika, Jax Golf & Country Club

Today Neat Jax - came to my home! Maureen Porcelli Bush always brings her beautiful smile and her organizing expertise. This is my second visit with Maureen and I’m always thrilled and so pleased with all of her suggestions and recommendations. She cleaned out my pantry, got rid of loads of expired products🤭, stabilized all the shelves with new brackets, reorganized the whole space. It’s an absolutely incredible feeling to have the space that you use and go to several times a day to have clean and tidy. We also reorganized several kitchen cabinets and a closet. Maureen is fantastic and I recommend her highly. She does not disappoint! No job is too big. Call her she will transform your spaces in your home.


Diana, Avondale

I loved working with Maureen from Neat Jax. I had been wanting to clean out a large closet for over a year and just couldn’t find the time and motivation. Without Maureen’s help I would not have gotten it done. It only took a few hours and I feel less stressed every time I walk by now.


Julie, Jacksonville Beach

Maureen is so professional and easy to work with. She came prepared to dominate my closet, and dominate she did! We re-arranged shelves, re-hung a lot of items, re-organized clothing, sorted through “trash”/donations/consignment items and I’m obsessed with the outcome! Can’t wait to work with her again.


Valerie, Highland Glen

Amazing work :-)


Em, Jax Golf and Country

Used Maureen at Neat Jax to organize my underutilized garage pegboard. I just did not know where to start and I consider myself a somewhat organized person. All hand tools are now easily accessible and have their own place so I can easily find them! While we worked together, I have to say she did most of the work and kept the motivation and process going as the organizing project came together! If you need someone to declutter and organize any space, give Maureen a call! You will love the results!


Michelle, Avondale

Maureen is the absolute best!! Wow!!! She purged, straightened, organized, helped me make decisions about what to keep & give!!! All SO quickly!! She has a wonderful positive energy and made the whole experience great! Can’t wait to have her come back to help me sort out Christmas decorations this year!!💕💃🎉


Aaron, Jacksonville Beach

I highly recommend NEAT Jax. Maureen has great vision and went above and beyond on our projects. It’s really impressive what she can do. Our pantry and kitchen has never looked better, coming next this winter, our garage!


Lori, Riverside

Just finished 3 days of organizing any purging our house with Maureen, and I can’t wait to tackle the next big phase, the garage! Maureen has a very balanced approach to helping guide the sorting, not pushing to get rid of things I truly love, just getting rid of enough to fit the space we have, and organizing what we kept. She really picked up on the different personalities in our household, and came up with strategies that seem manageable for each of our spaces (she also quickly discerned our cats’ personalities, and took many opportunities to scratch and play). She hauled a ton of stuff out, made our donate piles magically vanish, and encouraged me to relax while she carted the boxes out. She is straightforward about which strategies and organization products seem to work best, shows no judgment, and had contacts for a couple of other types of home improvement helpers I needed. This was definitely time and money well spent!


Sherry, Ponte Vedra Beach

Maureen is amazing! She found a way to print as a book all of my grandmother's newsletters. This has created a treasure for my entire family! Additionally, she organized my recipes and found an online solution for accessing them anywhere. I would love for her to spend a week with me just to show me all of the things I could be doing more efficiently and could organize better!


Becky, Jacksonville

I used NEAT Jax to help get ready for a move. With Maureen's assistance, I was able to go through everything, find a lot of items to donate and got rid of a lot of garbage I didn't need. She helped me go through paperwork and various other things. She took the donations and trash when she left. She kept me on task and dug right in to help. I would highly recommend calling her. Her prices are reasonable, too.  


Sharron, Jacksonville Beach

I used Maureen when I was remodeling my home and trying to get it all organized. Not my strong point. Maureen made  getting organized fun.  Thanks to Neat Jax it looks wonderful. 


Nicolas, Neptune Beach

Maureen is awesome. I will recommend her to everyone I know. Worth every penny! 


Lisa, Ponte Vedra

It has always been my goal to "be organized". For years, I have tried to make it happen. I've cleaned out closets and drawers, I've bought books on how to become better organized and I've never really succeeded. Nothing ever stayed that way. I wasted so much time trying to find things that it was debilitating. A friend suggested I call NEAT Jax. I really thought to myself..." what could a company like that do to help me organize in a way that I will keep up with it?". I could not have been more wrong. Maureen has a gift for organizing in such a user friendly way. She has changed not only my life but the life of my entire family. We are happier and we are enjoying life more because we can. I know where find EVERYTHING and our home makes sense now. Super affordable and Maureen is a so much fun to work with as well. Thank you Maureen for sharing your gift of organization. 


Angela, Atlantic Beach

Maureen helped me finally get my home office in working order! It had become a dumping ground for the house and I couldn't get any work done. Now my space is neat and clear of clutter and I can finally concentrate on everything I need to accomplish. 


Julie, Fernandina Beach

Thank you so much for your help! My kitchen is now a highly organized, functioning space. Maureen has innovative storage solutions and great organizational tips for everything! From the kitchen to the garage, thanks to your help my husband has his garage back (Happy Husband/Happy Life)! We saw major progress with each visit. Maureen's high energy, perseverance, and tips made the impossible job possible and even fun! It was the best experience ever - Maureen is priceless! 


Community Loaves, Murray Hill

Maureen helped us out at our shop when we most needed someone to sit down, sort through receipts and organize our paperwork, and she easily worked around our schedule and in our space which made communicating so much easier. Very thankful that we have this option in our city when we fall behind- a flexible and intelligent helping set of hands! 


Amy, Jacksonville

Maureen is Ah-mazing!! 😍😍 Super patient, kind, works fast, and by the time she leaves the job is done! I'd recommend her to anybody who needs help getting their homes organized!!  


Adelaide, Avondale

NEAT Jax is an awesome service, I needed help puppy-proofing my house and Maureen was able to come over for a few hours and make a HUGE difference. I had boxes from Christmas still out that she repacked and consolidated and took to storage for me, she helped declutter, set up a baby gate, set up a dog crate, and reorganize a sideboard to make room for puppy stuff. That afternoon we were able to bring our puppy home to a neat space where he couldn't get into any trouble!  


Annemarie, Atlantic Beach

Maureen with NEAT Jax has been so helpful and flexible! She really digs in with little direction and gets things done. She's also very likeable and very easy with which to work. I would definitely recommend her for projects of all kinds, helping with events, errands and MORE! Thanks Maureen. My life is more organized and I'm a little more sane thanks to you! 


Aubri, Riverside

Maureen is great to work with! It was easy and quick to get an appointment. She is friendly, efficient and gave us permanent organizing solutions that really work! I am definitely using NEAT Jax for more projects in the future. 


Cindy, Ponte Vedra

Maureen is the best! I recently moved into a new house and needed help organizing several spaces (garage, laundry room, kids' craft/work area, kids' closets, pantry) and making them functional. She not only made them functional, she made them look like a work of art! She is happy to do any task (even the garage that was a disaster and gave me major anxiety!), and she starts working before you have even finished telling her what you need - she sees it and knows what needs to happen. She made what seemed like an impossible chore look easy - and she makes it easy for you to keep everything organized after she is gone. I definitely plan on using her again for other projects that come up that I need help with, and can't recommend her enough for all those areas and projects that you have been putting off and that have been piling up!


Nikki, Atlantic Beach

I had NEAT Jax come to my house to help my disastrous closet and kitchen cabinets. Maureen is a joy to work with and I was very happy with the completed job. Also loved that she wrote me a handwritten note with my donation receipt. I will be using NEAT Jax again! 


Lauren, Jacksonville Beach

We hired Maureen to neaten up an office and she delivered. We made the quickest IKEA trip probably on record, purchased the essentials, she assembled, and organized the mess in about four hours. Would have taken me days. Would absolutely hire for more tasks and recommend all over town.


Katie, Avondale

Maureen did a fantastic job organizing our playroom and endless stream of toys, art projects and everything else my kids bring in the door. Can’t wait to use her again!! 


Katy, Avondale

If you are wondering if the cost is worth it, it is! NEAT Jax did an amazing job on my projects and I will definitely be calling again. 


Kelsey, Lakewood

Let's face it, organization is not all of our strong suits. Not only does NEAT Jax simplify things for you, she doesn't place judgement on your lack of organization skills. I think the biggest benefit of using her services is she makes you PHYSICAL space that allows more MENTAL space. Your space will then be set up to be more organized in the future with her strategic set up.


Mere, Murray Hill

I rent an old house that has a lot of charm and very little storage. My kitchen doubles as my art studio and I was feeling overwhelmed. My boyfriend uses Neat Jax regularly and I decided it was time for me to call. Maureen and I had a consultation and she gave me some ideas for the space. We agreed on a plan and got to work a few days later. Maureen made it so much easier. She respectfully steered the session to keep us on track and I never felt overwhelmed or embarrassed by my excessive arts and crafts supplies. When my daughter came home later that day she was so excited to have access to her stuff and could see all of her snacks. There is order to our space and I feel so much more creative now! I highly recommend this service, especially if you’re feeling stuck, Maureen has an eye for organization!


Jennifer, Riverside

Highly recommend NEAT Jax. Maureen not only helped me organize my closets, she helped me decide, item by item, which pieces to keep and which to donate (and where!). She has a great eye for quality and design for both my belongings and the spaces in which I keep them. Rates are very reasonable.


Steph ,Southside

I first worked with Maureen at NEAT Jax to rework our guest room/junk room into a functional shared nursery/guest room space. At the time, I was 8 months pregnant and had procrastinated the task entirely too long and was completely overwhelmed by it. I was so nervous about enlisting help but I'm so glad I did! Maureen came to my rescue and I couldn't believe the transformation the space underwent in just a few hours. I'm so happy with the room now and relieved to be rid of the junk that had accumulated over the years. I was so impressed with Maureen and her ability to create a system of organization that worked for me that I immediately booked her to come back and tackle a few more troublesome areas in the house. Once again she was fantastic and I now have spaces that are less stressful and easier to maintain because I know exactly where things belong. Maureen is super professional, non-judgmental, focused, hard working, and solution-oriented. I couldn't recommend her enough. If you are organizationally challenged like me, do yourself a favor and hire NEAT Jax.


Brian, Riverside

I've been using Maureen's services at NEAT Jax even before it was officially a thing! She has helped me organize everything from my closets to my car's trunk and more. She ordered all the proper storage materials to help make sense of it all. Once organized, she took what I didn't want to Goodwill or placed on consignment. She has also assisted me with planning and running work events, tailgates and house parties. Want to make your life easier and a little bit NEATer? Give her a shot!


Kayla, Springfield

I can’t recommend Maureen and NEAT Jax enough. I’m a pretty organized person, but Maureen is next level. She’s been so helpful in helping me find organization solutions for small spaces and for helping me pack to move across country. If you’re considering her services, just do it. It’s a small investment for a huge help and peace of mind.


Jasmine, Jacksonville Beach

NEAT Jax has changed my families lives! You realize how important an organized home for creating mental space to focus on bigger tasks is. Maureen is a dream, she was cost conscientious with our budget and used her time wisely. We’ve moved several times and we will be moving again soon! I can’t wait to have NEAT Jax come back to help us transition into our new home! 🤗 The before & after speak for themselves! 10/10 I recommend.


David, Lakeshore

So helpful! Maureen came into my home and after explaining what I was wanting done, got right to work. Organized things and then helped me sort threw to decide what to keep and what to give away.  No judgement about the clutter and encouraging as she went. Pleasant personality. Well worth the expense.


Ivoone, Ortega

Maureen came to my home today to organize my pantry. I am surprising my husband for our anniversary. He is a "NEAT" freak. When I first met Maureen on my consultation day, I knew she would do a great job and she out did herself. I love everything about what she did. All of my pantry items have their own place and so easy to find. I keep on walking in to just look at it again. I can't wait for my husband to get home to see it. Thank you Maureen for helping me make my pantry amazing!!!

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