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Movers are for moving, Neat Jax is for packing!

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Hello again!

The housing market is in peak season which means movers are very, very busy! This is also a busy time for organizers who are helping clients pack and unpack their houses. While it makes a lot of sense to have movers pack all your belongings, I want to discuss why — in this crazy time of buying and selling — hiring organizers, such as Neat Jax, will save time, unnecessary stress, and money.

Within the past month, Neat Jax has helped several frustrated clients. Movers’ schedules are so hectic that they are not taking the proper care to carefully pack boxes, so items have been broken. One client had to fire the moving company when they arrived because the employees showed up unprepared and seemed very unreliable. On another occasion, a moving company had left half of one client's kitchen unpacked when it was time to load all the boxes on the truck.

Luckily for these clients, we were able to step in and help put order to the chaos. This also meant the client had to pay two different companies to pack/unpack them. I am not trying to say that all moving companies are unreliable, because there are amazing companies that do a great job from start to finish. However, it's hard to trust how the job will be done unless there are reviews to backup the company or they come highly recommended from a reliable source.

If you have a move coming up soon, consider having Neat Jax pack and unpack for you. We prefer being part of both sides of the process for several reasons. First, if we pack up your house, all boxes will be properly organized, packed, and labeled. During this time, we are also able to help purge items no longer needed. Secondly, this will help movers proceed more quickly. They will be able to place the boxes into the appropriate rooms in an orderly fashion. Lastly, this process will be more efficient and time-saving when we go to unpack your house. In several instances, when we unpack a house that we haven’t packed in the beginning, we spend a lot of time just sorting through the boxes. We run into a lot of boxes that contain random or miscellaneous items because the clients or movers just ran out of time.

Speaking of time, when boxes are left in the garage, they can stay there for months because they are out of sight, out of mind. When the client does think of those left over boxes, it can be too overwhelming to want to deal with finding a home for the unpacked items. By hiring Neat Jax, forgotten boxes in the garage won’t be an issue!

Life is busier than ever, and moving can be such a stressful experience. Paying for peace of mind while trying to tackle everyday responsibilities will be worth it in the end. Neat Jax is always here to help YOU. There is not a minimum requirement for our services. We would love to help pack/unpack the whole house, but if you only need help packing/unpacking a few rooms, we can absolutely help with that, as well. When there is a proper plan in place, you will have a smooth moving experience. By hiring us, you will save money, time, and some gray hairs ;)

Remember, movers are for moving. Neat Jax is for packing! Have a great day!

**Disclaimer - Neat Jax is not insured or responsible for boxes during a move.**

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