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An Organizer's Process

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

"I have no idea where or how to start, I’m so happy you all are here and know what to do!”

This is a line we hear quite often. We love it, because it means we have a job, and of course getting to help make your life neater!

All of those amazing organized home interiors you see on Instagram that look expensive and unmaintainable?

Unless you are in a position to afford a house keeper to keep up with that aesthetic weekly, like the Kardashians, those really pretty pantries are not maintainable. What is maintainable, is an organizer making a system in your home to fit your needs, while keeping it functional, maintainable, and pretty.

Once we have reviewed pictures you emailed, we shop for all necessary supplies to help execute the project before arriving to your scheduled appointment. We are happy to work within any budget you are comfortable with, and will send over fun bin/product options for you to choose!

At the beginning of every project, Melanie and I let our clients know we are going to make an even bigger mess! There is a method to the madness, and at the end, it all comes together beautifully. Everything in the room comes out so we can start with a blank slate! We will also ask several questions to get to know how your family runs on a daily basis to make sure we prioritize areas to function properly.

As the client, you can choose to be however involved you would like to be in the project. Most of the time, we will offer to come ask you questions as needed, or ask for your assistance when it's time to make a donation/trash pile. Want to know something super exciting? We take any donations that fit in our car for you! This tends to be even more motivating for clients since that is an extra step they do not have to worry about. If you have several donatable items, Maureen is happy to set up a time with a company to come pick them up for free!

Once we have taken care of getting rid of everything no longer needed, it's time to sort items into categories and placed in appropriate bins. Next, we decide how to best display items to make it easy to function and for you to be able to easily maintain.

After everything has found its new home, it's time to label! Do you know how excited we get about labels?! It makes us super happy and our clients get just as pumped to see those pretty little guys complete the space!

Melanie and I end the day by making sure all boxes are broken down, trash is taken out, and donations are loaded into the cars. Then, we are off and it's time for you to enjoy your new space!

For most households that live a normal, busy life, it’s hard to want to find the time to purge and organize, especially with young children. Of course, you want an organized space, but just thinking about starting a project can become overwhelming. Then, it just goes back to being a stressor you feel guilty about. This is totally normal and you need to let that shit go. Give yourself grace, and call us :)

If you are not financially in a place to hire organizers, I suggest scheduling a day to give yourself enough time to start and finish a small project. I would start by picking one room, or even just one drawer. This will help any triggers of feeling like it too much to handle. There are several very affordable bin options to fit any budget. TJMAXX usually has a great selection, as well as Home Goods or Target.

Having a plan and process is very important to be successful with any project, and implementing a plan for organizing a space is no different.

Until next time!


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