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There are a thousand things to consider when you’re ready to organize your space. Mostly it should just be dialing our phone number, typing in our email, or diving into our DMs but we digress.

Whether you’re bringing us in to help or tackling this job on your own, there are a few things to think about before you begin.

  • First, how much stuff are you willing to part with? Will it be mostly

trash? Mostly donations? A good combo of both?

  • Second, do you have a specific charity or place you would like your

donations to go? Do you know if they do pick-ups?

  • Third, if you think there will be a lot of trash, would a small dumpster be helpful? Or a bulk trash pickup? When is your trash day? Are you in a HOA? What are the rules around dumpsters and/or leaving large amounts of trash by the curb? Do you have household hazardous waste to deal with?

Are you exhausted yet? It's a lot. Good news! NEAT Jax can help answer most of those questions. We don’t haul away trash but can help coordinate those efforts. We can also help with donations and getting those in the right hands. If you’re thinking about bringing in our team, it might be best to consider scheduling us around your trash day if there could be a large pile to put out on the curb. This is especially important for garage organizing jobs...we always find a lot of unwanted treasures in there!

P.S. Another tip: As you begin to think about this project, take some painter's tape and walk through your space when you have time. Mark things you’d like to part with as either trash or donation. It doesn’t have to be all at once – make a few passes around your space and give it some thought! XO - Melanie

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