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Organizing for Aesthetic vs. Function

We like to ask our clients what their vibe is regarding bins, baskets, storage containers,

etc. before we shop for supplies for their appointment. Are they looking to organize for aesthetics or function? Many people share Pinterest photos of their inspiration because they are hoping to achieve a particular “look”. Others say something along the lines of, “I don’t care – just please help me!”. And then we have the clients somewhere in the middle who either say, “I don’t have a budget” or “I’m searching in the couch cushions just so I can pay you guys”. All of the above is acceptable, understood, and appreciated, at the end of the day, we can make it ALL work. A big topic these days is aesthetic vs function. As in, can we make a good system that functions well for your needs but hopefully also looks amazing?? The answer is, YES!

If we are using whatever you already have as far as supplies go, we are going to bend over backward to make the most of it and put it all together in the most pleasing and

useful way possible. If we can match up colors, sizes, or styles, we will. The most

important thing at that point is making it make sense in your space so you can use

it. Function reigns supreme when it comes to organization.

The client hoping for a “look” (aesthetic) also hopefully has a budget for supplies

because we are heading to Home Goods or Target or IKEA with our new Hulken Bags

and loading up. Lately, the trend is clear acrylic which always gives a nice

clean look and wears a label nicely. It’s also nice to see matching bins in a garage

which can help a normally chaotic space feel calm and fresh.

Whatever your vibe, NEAT Jax is going to do everything possible to make it make

sense for you and your space while also giving you something you can’t stop

staring at – you’ll want to invite friends over, seriously. - Melanie

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