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Small Business Saturday

"Helping others is the feeling of being human. "

If you have heard me speak publicly about NEATJax, read an article about NEATJax, or received an email from me, you have seen this quote, "helping others is the feeling of being human". I heard it on a podcast once and have never forgotten it. It is why we do what we do here at NEATJax but "helping others" doesn't stop with organizers assisting individuals or families regain control of their spaces. I believe that helping your community, being an active participant in your community, contributes A LOT to the feeling of being human. I want to show up to your grand opening or anniversary party, I want to shop at your market, I want to let people know how and where to find you and I want to be available to chat or sit quietly if you if that's what you need. Without this community NEATJax wouldn't exist and we want to give back as much as possible so let us gas you up!

Starting this Saturday we are going to start sharing YOU, small businesses in our community, events, art installations, you name it we want to know about it and we want to spread the word!

Message us on Instagram if you want to get involved. We will be creating a group message on Instagram that will include any and all of the small businesses that want to share and be shared. A simple post about a business can go a long way so let's help each other out, be there for one another and share our awesome community!



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