How can I pay for my NEAT service?

NEAT accepts Venmo, cash, checks, credit cards payments.
- Venmo payments can be sent to @Maureen-NEAT.
- Cash must be provided in the exact amount due, as organizers do not carry change.
- Checks must be payable to NEAT Jax.
- Credit card payments can be processed by clicking here and selecting the number of hours. Your organizer will be happy to do this for you at the end of your service.

Where is NEAT located?

Neat does not have a brick and mortar office. We meet our clients in their homes or at a destination of their choosing for consultations prior to getting started. 

What types of jobs or projects does NEAT take on?

Anything that causes you stress! Closets, storage areas, garages, attics, kitchens, laundry rooms, kid's areas, offices, cars... You name it, we can organize it!

Will NEAT travel outside of Jacksonville?

Yes! Please note that travel expenses will be included in our fee. 

What is the average time it takes to complete a NEAT job/project?

We have a suggested minimum of two hours and typically book each job for at least four hours unless the client specified the amount of time they have available. Each project is different and very subjective to the client, it's difficult to estimate the amount of time it will take before actually being in the space and getting started. 

Have you read the Marie Kondo books?

I have. I think she has lots of great tips and tricks but sometimes takes the process of decluttering a little too far! If you would like to know that part of KonMari that I find helpful you can read my cliffnotes of her book here

If organizing tools/supplies are needed, are they included in NEAT's hourly fee and where do you get them?

When extra organizational tools and supplies are needed that cannot be found within the space, NEAT professionals will go out and purchase these items in order to complete the project. We ask for a budget before beginning each project because it is the client's responsibility to reimburse NEAT for these supplies. Of course, all receipts are kept in the event that you do not care for the items purchased. Based on your personal style and budget we can go anywhere to get these supplies! Our favorites are HomeGoods, Target, and Michael's. 

Are decorating services provided?

Decorating is not one of the services we would advertise but we are always happy to help move furniture, and be an unbiased set of eyes! That being said, we are happy to help get you in contact with a decorating professional, we know a few!

Where can I sell, donate, dispose of unwanted items?

Check our our favorite donation centers and consignment shops here. Selling used furniture is always going to be a struggle. The quick and easy way to sell used furniture will be through Craigslist or Facebook's SwipSwap, just know you aren't going to get top dollar. If you have a higher quality piece try contacting decorators directly.